docs/project/merge_review_guidelines.pod - Guidelines for pending merge reviews


To maintain Parrot's standards of quality, we evaluate each branch proposed for merging to trunk in terms of several criteria. Not every criterion applies to every branch; these guidelines are guidelines to which we apply our best judgment. As well, these guidelines are not exhaustive.


The purpose of the branch governs the amount and type of documentation it requires. Documentation falls into three broad categories:


We know that well-tested features work and we know that well-tested features will continue to work. Under-tested features give us and users much less confidence. A well-tested branch demonstrates several attributes:

Deprecation Policy

We manage incompatible changes of features and interfaces in multiple ways:


Branches may implement features requested on the roadmap in whole or in part. They may also affect the schedule of other roadmap items. Have you documented the implications?

Code Quality

Any branch proposed for merging must meet our quality standards in several areas not previously mentioned:

Integration into Parrot Proper

Your branch must also integrate into Parrot as well as possible. In particular: