docs/project/metacommitter_guide.pod - Metacommitter Guide.


This document sets out the procedure on how to manage the list of Parrot committers.


See docs/project/roles_responsibilities.pod for more details on the various roles in the Parrot project, including the Metacommitter role.

Instructions the new committer must follow

This procedure must be performed by the new committer before the Metacommitter can add commit rights.

  1. Create an account on

Instructions for the Metacommitter

The new committer must perform the above procedure before the Metacommitter can add commit rights.

  1. Go to the Parrot Developers Team in the Parrot Github Organization
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, type in the username of the Github user that you want to give commit access, and press "Add".

Congratulate the new member publicly by sending an email to and copying the new committer.

Note that commit messages from the new member will be automatically held pending list-admin approval.

To manage the list of Metacommitters

To make somebody a new metacommitter, add their github account to the "Owners" team at


docs/project/roles_responsibilities.pod, RESPONSIBLE_PARTIES