src/pmc/addrregistry.pmc - AddrRegistry PMC


The AddrRegistry class provides the equivalence of reference counts mainly for extenders and embedders of Parrot. The hash keys are the addresses of the key PMC, values are reference counts, i.e. the difference of (set_pmc_keyed - delete_pmc_keyed). If the reference goes to zero, the entry is deleted physically.

Please note that you have to anchor an instance of AddrRegistry yourself with Parrot_register_pmc if it isn't visible to Parrot.


void init()
Initializes the instance.
void mark()
Mark any PMCs and STRINGs in this registry.
void destroy()
Destroy this PMC.
INTVAL get_integer_keyed(PMC *key)
Returns the reference count for key or 0 if the key doesn't exist.
INTVAL elements()
Returns the number of elements in the hash.
INTVAL get_bool()
Returns true if the hash size is not zero.
void set_pmc_keyed(PMC *key, PMC *value)
Increment the reference count of key. If the entry doesn't exist create it. The value is always ignored.
void set_integer_keyed(PMC *key, INTVAL value)
Set the given value.
void delete_keyed(PMC *key)
void delete_keyed_str(STRING *key)
Decrement the reference count of key. If the reference count reaches 0, delete the entry.