src/pmc/packfilebytecodesegment.pmc - PackfileBytecodeSegment PMC


This class implements a PackfileBytecode class, providing a PMC-based interface for bytecode creation and manipulation.

See packfile.pmc for the toplevel Packfile interface; see PDD13 for the design spec.


void init()
Initialize PackfileBytecodeSegment.
void mark()
Marks the object as live.
void *get_pointer()
Return a pointer to a PackFile_ByteCode* built from this PMC's data.
void set_pointer()
Initialize PackfileBytecodeSegment from PackFile_Bytecode*
void push_pmc()
Add an op and its arguments to this bytecode. The PMC should be a ResizablePMCArray with the first PMC being a String containing the full name of an op and the remaining PMCs being Integers.
PMC* main_sub()
Return :main Sub for this segment.
PMC* opmap()
Return PackfileOpMap for this BytecodeSegment.