src/pmc/parrotlibrary.pmc - ParrotLibrary PMC


Class for holding info about a dynamic library.


    _filename               full path/file of lib
    _ro                     true after init

All ParrotLibrary PMCs are in interp->iglobals.

When a dynamic library (pmc or ops) is loaded, the load function returns a ParrotLibrary PMC.


void init()
Initializes the library with a NULL oplib init function.
void destroy()
Destroys the library, closing the shared library.
PMC *clone()
Creates and returns a clone of the library.
INTVAL get_bool()
Returns whether a library has been successfully loaded.
STRING *get_string()
Returns the name of the loaded library.
void *get_pointer()
Gets the pointer to the shared library handle.
void set_pointer(void *handle)
Sets the pointer to the shared library handle.