tools/build/ - PMC definition to C compiler


Options used in Parrot Makefile

Create src/pmc/foo.dump:

    % perl tools/build/ --dump src/pmc/foo.pmc ...

Create vtable.dump:

    % perl tools/build/ --vtable

Create src/pmc/foo.c and pmc_foo.h from src/pmc/foo.dump:

    % perl tools/build/ -c src/pmc/foo.pmc ...

Other Options

Create foo.c and pmc_foo.h from foo.dump files, also create libfoo.c containing the initialization function for all foo PMCs.

    % perl tools/build/ --library libfoo -c \
           src/pmc/foo1.pmc src/pmc/foo2.pmc ...


The job of the PMC compiler is to take .pmc files and create C files that can be compiled for use with the Parrot interpreter.


Omit source line info
Specify include path where to find PMCs.
Specify the library name. This will create <libname>.c and pmc_<libname>.h. The initialization function will be named after libname and will initialize all PMCs in the library.


You must use lowercase filenames for .pmc files, and lowercase group names in the PMC specification in those files.